What Feds, DC Govt Employees Want Congress to Know as They Take up 2023 Budget Negotiations

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Federal and D.C. government workers are gathering in Washington, D.C. this week to strategize and mobilize on our legislative priorities.  

As the Biden administration and Congress kick off negotiations on fiscal 2023 budget proposals, there are a few things federal and D.C. government workers want them to know. 

1. Federal and D.C. government workers come from all walks of life and work in many different government agencies.  

We proudly serve the American people as law enforcement officers, food inspectors, nurses, correctional officers, park rangers, scientists, and nearly every type of job that makes up our economy.  

2. Federal and D.C. government employees have been forced to forfeit $246 billion in compensation since 2011 

Since 2011, $246 billion has been taken from federal workers for deficit reduction, including an unprecedented three-year pay freeze, a 2.3% increase in pension contributions by employees hired in 2013, and a 3.6% increase in pension contributions by employees hired after 2013. 

3. Nearly 1 in 3 federal civilian employees are veterans 

More than 635,000 veterans work in civilian federal jobs, comprising 31% of all federal civilian employees. 85% of us live and work outside the Washington, D.C. area.  

4. We’re middle-class Americans 

Many AFGE members take home an average of $500 per week. Many of us could make more in the private sector, but we choose to serve our country. Many of us are wearing our second uniform in service to the nation. (See #3 above)  

5. While the U.S. population has nearly doubled since 1960, the number of us working in government has stayed the same.  

We are the most cost-efficient and effective workforce. When our jobs disappear, we’re replaced by contractors who are 2-3 times more expensive. They only answer to their company’s bottom line. We answer to the American people.  

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